Best Dad Joke Books

9 Best Dad Joke Books You Need to be a Great Dad in 2023

The best dad joke books are those that offer a lot of groan-worthy but captivating humor. These kinds of books feature jokes that are distinguished by their simplicity and the fact that they are not intended to be taken seriously, but rather to produce a chuckle or a good-natured eye roll.

Any good father will need a collection of humorously cheesy and pun-filled jokes that are commonly linked with fathers and their sense of humor at some point in their lives. The best book of dad jokes often offers a wide range of lighthearted jokes that are easy to grasp and sometimes intentionally corny. The jokes usually include wordplay, double entendres, and easy humor that people of all ages can enjoy. It might be a fun activity to do with your toddlers.

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Why Would You Need Dad Joke Books?

A dad joke book can serve several purposes and be handy in various situations. Whether you’re spending time alone, with family, or with friends, telling a silly joke from the book can bring laughter and joy to the moment. Here are some reasons why any great dad might want to have a dad joke book:

  • Dad joke books are a great source of light-hearted entertainment and humor. 
  • They are also excellent tools to use as icebreakers in social situations to help ease tension and create a relaxed atmosphere, making it easier for people to connect and engage in conversations.
  • Family gatherings are another opportunity for family members to get together, but they can quickly get boring. Not when you have at least one good dad jokebook around.
  • They can be a source of amusement for both kids and adults, creating shared memories and laughter.
  • New or soon-to-be dads can use it as a light-hearted resource to bring some humor into parenting to entertain their kids or even lighten up challenging parenting moments.
  • They also make for amusing and thoughtful gifts. Whether it’s for Father’s Day, birthdays, or any other occasion, they are a great way to show appreciation and bring a smile to someone’s face.
  • They are also useful as stress relievers by helping you shift your focus to a more light-hearted situation.
  • They are also very useful in public speaking and presentations: When next you need to give a speech or presentation, including a dad joke can help you break the ice with the audience and make you more relatable.
  • Dirty dad jokes are also popular on social media platforms and are a great way to have a continuous source of content to share with your followers or friends.

Overall, Dad Jokes books are a delightful and light-hearted addition to any book collection, serving as a reminder of the simple joys of life and the power of humor to bring people together. However, dad jokes are the worst book to have when you have something really serious to do because of how distracting it can be.

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What Are The Best Dad Joke Books for 2023?

1. Dad Jokes: Over 600 of the Best (Worst) Jokes Around and Perfect Gift for All Ages! (World’s Best Dad Jokes Collection) by Jimmy Niro

A USA Today bestseller! Dad Jokes: the good, the bad, and the terrible, a perfect gift for dads and pun-lovers alike!

Dad Jokes - a best dad joke books

Dad Jokes is a book of witty, corny one-liners, and groan-worthy puns, that is sure to make you laugh out loud. This large print and quick-read book has over 600 ultimate dad jokes, delicately separated by subjects such as “Nature’s Nonsense” and “Food for Thought”.

This Jimmy Niro dad jokes book contains something for everyone, from bad puns to short story jokes and riddles. It’s a hit with teachers, instructors, and everyone who enjoys a good chuckle, and it’s ideal as a gag present for any dad, new dad, or father-to-be. ‘Dad Jokes’ is a hilarious and unique gift that honors the art of cheesy humor and is ideal for Father’s Day, Christmas, or any occasion!

What to Expect in This Book

  • Contains a varied range of jokes, ensuring that you always have a unique collection of cringey and amusing jokes, delivering a diversity of humor to suit the tastes of everyone.
  • They are presented in short formats that make them easy to recall, allowing you to easily share them in various social settings.
  • The book provides a steady stream of comedy and fun with a new joke every day, making it ideal for cheering up the workplace or any atmosphere.
  • Useful as a constant source of new awful dad jokes for parents to unleash on their children, evoking those delightful groans that make any dad’s heart glad.
  • Packed with corny and hilarious jokes that promise to keep you entertained and amused.
  • Very useful as an excellent icebreaker for social gatherings, with embarrassing dad jokes that spark conversation and lighten the atmosphere.
  • A wonderful companion during recovery periods, providing groan-worthy jokes to keep spirits up.
  • It’s perfect for a few laughs during bathroom breaks, making the “porcelain throne” time a bit more enjoyable.
  • The book is a hit in the workplace, as it supplies punny jokes that coworkers will groan at, but secretly appreciate for the humor they provide.

This Dad Joke Book, the punniest joke book ever, promises to give you a regular stream of puns, wit, and amusement to brighten your day! Do you have a son-in-law who needs their dad joke game? Get this book and be prepared for a flood of groans and laughter! Be the greatest dad joke champion by embracing the power of cheesy humor. Your family, friends, and coworkers will have no idea what hit them!

 2. The Ultimate Dad Joke Book: 501 Hilarious Puns, Funny One Liners and Clean Cheesy Dad Jokes for Kids (Gifts for Dad) by Hugh Murmie

Big hit at the baby shower! This is a great book if you love being tormented.

Ultimate dad Joke book - a best dad joke books

The Ultimate Dad Joke Book is your one-stop shop for family-friendly humor! Knee-slapping, head-shaking, gut-busting jokes for everyone from your toddler to your great-grandmother. 

You’ll have a lifetime supply of laughs and new content for any occasion with over 501 fantastic jokes. It is perfect to be used as a present or to keep the smiles coming. With these classic and trendy dad jokes, be sure to enjoy the cheesy sweetness and spread the fun!

What to Expect in This Big Book of Dad Jokes

  • Over 500 fantastic jokes, puns, and one-liners are included, ensuring an abundance of laughter and enjoyment.
  • It’s acceptable for kids and adults of all ages, with squeaky clean and family-safe jokes, making it an excellent choice for spreading comedy within the family.
  • Enjoy an extensive collection of classic and contemporary jokes to suit a wide range of tastes and inclinations.
  • The book contains amusing ultimate dad jokes that are suited for young children, allowing them to join in on the laughs.
  • A collection of amusing and groan-worthy jokes

The Ultimate Dad Joke Book is a treasure trove of clean, family-friendly humor, jam-packed with a wide range of amusing and cringe-worthy jokes. With over 500 jokes, both classic and new, it’s ideal for both youngsters and adults, ensuring plenty of laughter and fun for all ages!

Whether you’re a seasoned dad joke expert or a novice punster, this book will have you laughing and winning hearts with your wit.

This amusing father joke book has been given as a gift to children, great-grandmothers, teachers, sons-in-law, fathers, nurses, and even people who “don’t want anything.”

3. Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes: So frightfully awful.. yet wonderfully spiffing by Spiffy McChappy

Funny, good harmless jokes for all the family

Exceptionally bad dad jokes, one of the 9 best dad joke books

The Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes will provide you with an endless supply of groans and laughter! It’s the ideal present for any dad who enjoys puns, with deliciously cheesy one-liners and family-friendly humor. While you may be rolling your eyes and laughing aloud, be warned: these jokes are on a whole other level! It’s a great novelty present for Father’s Day, birthdays, or Christmas, with space for a personal note. Just keep in mind that these jokes may cause you to ‘burn the house down’ with laughter!

What to Expect in this Book

  • Packed with terrific dad jokes that will offer you countless ways to make your loved ones chuckle.
  • Large collection of jokes to keep your audience intrigued for hours.
  • A fantastic addition to any parent’s arsenal, providing a joyful and light-hearted method to engage with children through humor.
  • Sharing jokes from the book may turn the tables in relationships, bringing joy and laughter even during difficult times.
  • A great gag present for friends, family, or coworkers that enjoy a good dose of corny humor.
  • It contains clean and family-friendly jokes, making it appropriate for both children and adults to enjoy together.

Whether you’re a dad trying to add some great jokes to your repertoire or a professional aiming to keep your audience entertained, ‘The Dad Joke Book’ is the ideal companion, providing plenty of laughter and fun-filled moments! It is appropriate for Father’s Day, birthdays, or family reunions, and will provide laughter and a light-hearted environment for unforgettable occasions.

4. A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes by Taylor Calmus

Corny Little Book 365 Truly Terrible Wisecracks (You’ve Been Warned)

Daily Dad Jokes, , one of the 9 best dad joke books

A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes” is a humorous, corny book that guarantees chuckles every day of the year. It contains the dadliest force of hilarity!

You can now join the Dad Joke Hall of Fame to learn how to make groan-worthy puns, quips, and one-liners. It is an all-year-long funny compilation by Peter L. Harmon and Taylor Calmus to keep dads laughing (and their kids not laughing). It’s packed with corny jokes that are sure to bring smiles and laughter to your family gatherings and vacations, making it the ideal present for the ultimate jokester. Begin your day with a good laugh and have a great year full of dad jokes!

This book of dad jokes includes:

  • Jokes that are suitable for all ages and ideal for sharing at family gatherings and over breakfast.
  • Inspired by well-known and renowned fathers such as Tim Allen, Chris Rock, and Homer Simpson
  • Organized by month for easy discovery, reading, and exploring.
  • Contains 365 days’ worth of pun-tomium, ensuring a joke for every day of the year to keep the fun flowing.
  • There are current jokes for millennium parents.

This book contains a stockpile of 365 days’ worth of weapons-grade pun-tonium. The clean yet humorous quips make it a safe and enjoyable read for all ages, making it ideal to share at the bar over a glass of drink or at breakfast.

With its monthly arrangement, you can simply explore jokes for each day, and you can be confident that it will brighten your days with laughter and smiles. So brace yourself for a year full of corny grins, groans, and endless family bonding moments, and unleash the hilarious puns in “A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes” guaranteed laughs

5. Funster 600+ Funniest Dad Jokes Book: Overloaded with family-friendly groans, chuckles, chortles, guffaws, and belly laughs by Charles Timmerman

Clean jokes, sharable with the entire family. Every Great Dad will love this!

600+ Funniest best dad jokes books

Prepare for a hilarious journey with one of the world’s greatest dad joke books. It is an essential compendium of clean jokes that the entire family can enjoy together! This book is an excellent source of joy and gladness, from laughter-filled discussions with loved ones to bringing smiles during difficult times. Simply opening any page will treat you to a stand-up comedy routine full of groan-worthy and corny jokes. This lighthearted book is likely to leave you and your loved ones in stitches, whether it’s a present or a delightful addition to your collection.

This book of dad jokes contains

  • With over 600 jokes, this book has one of the most comprehensive collections of dad jokes available, guaranteeing long hours of laughter and enjoyment.
  • Carefully selected to include only hilarious and funny dad jokes that will have everyone in stitches.
  • Professionally edited with top-notch humor to provide you with the best dad jokes to keep you smiling nonstop.
  • It’s a simple and easy gift for any dad, bringing instant joy and amusement.
  • It is jam-packed with family-friendly jokes, ensuring that everyone, from children to grandparents, can laugh together.
  • Ideal for any jokester or anyone who enjoys a good dose of dad comedy.

Whether you’re a dad, a joke fan, or looking for the perfect gift, this book is sure to make people laugh and create memorable experiences. This book is the best gift for any joke-loving dad, offering family-friendly humor and limitless chuckles for everyone! 😄📚🎁.

This book is appropriate for dads, families, children, jokesters, teachers, and anyone who enjoys family-friendly, humorous dad jokes and is looking for a quick and easy gift idea that will make them laugh. Don’t miss out on the laughs; get your fix of dad jokes today! 😄📚🎉

6. Dad Jokes: Wonderfully Bad Dad Jokes by Frank N Steinz

Dads crack the cheesiest jokes, but somehow that makes us love them even more.

Wonderfully bad dad jokes, , one of the 9 best dad joke books

With this entertaining book, you may indulge in the cringey yet adorable world of dad jokes! It’s the ideal dosage of fun for any dad, making family gatherings extra spicy with cheesy one-liners and pearls of wisdom. Each joke has its own distinct illustration, which adds to the fun and impact. This book is a must-have addition to your father’s joke armory, whether he is already humorous or needs a little help. Share your laughter and groans with loved ones, and revel in the fun of ridiculous jokes that youngsters will like! 😄📚🎉

This dad book of jokes contains

  • A collection of dad jokes with crafted illustrations, which bring more humor and visual appeal to each joke.
  • On the first page, there is a message field where you can add a customized note to make it a sincere and one-of-a-kind gift for your father.
  • Ideal novelty present for Father’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas, guaranteed to make any dad laugh and smile.
  • Has a message section where you can design and crack your own joke, making the gift even more personal and tailored to your father’s sense of humor.
  • Groaner Dad Jokes are accompanied by amusing visuals, ensuring hours of laughter and giggles for both children and adults

So, if you have a pun-loving friend, and are looking to inject some dad-approved humor into your next family gathering, “Dad Joke Book” is the ultimate collection of wonderfully illustrated groaner dad jokes, designed to make dads and their loved ones laugh and smile. With a customizable message box, it makes an ideal and heartfelt Father’s Day, birthday, or Christmas present.

It’s the perfect way to show your father that he’s the “pun-derful” hero in your life. 

So, why did the father obtain this book? To tell “punny” jokes that will make everyone laugh and offer delight to the entire family and start cracking dad jokes!

7. Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes by Share The Love Gifts

The Authentic Original (Just like your DAD!)

Terribly good dad jokes, , one of the 9 best dad joke books

Prepare for a new spin on classic dad jokes with this entertaining compilation! This book is guaranteed to induce eye rolls and groans, making it the ideal present for any dad who enjoys sharing “so bad they’re good” jokes. Bring laughter and wordplay home to share with Dad and the rest of the family, generating happy and humorous moments.

This book of terribly awesome dad jokes is a must-have addition to any dad’s joke arsenal, whether as a graduation gift or for a dad who is the life of the party. So, why did the father obtain this book? Of course, to share fun and infinite puns with loved ones!

This book of terribly awesome dad jokes is:

  • Perfect for all new dads who enjoy telling jokes and sharing their wit and humor with their loved ones.
  • It’s jam-packed with jokes and will keep you laughing for hours, making it ideal for taunting youngsters and coworkers alike.
  • Provides a new perspective on original Dad jokes, assuring a unique and pleasurable reading experience.
  • It’s a thoughtful and fun gift that any father will appreciate and enjoy.
  • It’s family-friendly, with “so bad they’re good” jokes that bring laughter and wordplay home to share with the entire family.
  • Lightweight, lightweight, and compact, it’s easy to transport and share jokes everywhere you go.
  • There’s something for everyone’s sense of humor in this collection of dad jokes, which range from classics to new ones.

This small collection of dad jokes is a must-have for any father who enjoys making others laugh with their cheesy and lovable humor. Despite being one of the smallest books on this list of the best dad joke books, it contains enough content to tease and entertain both kids and coworkers.

It’s a portable and lightweight companion for exchanging laughs on the road. With this hilarious collection, you can acquire your copy of this cringey yet uplifting world of dad jokes that will leave everyone chuckling and groaning in the best manner imaginable! 😄📚🎁

8. 101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes by Elias Hill (Author), Katherine Hogan (Illustrator)

A Top 5 Best-selling Amazon Book!

101 so bad, one of the 9 best dad joke books

Even if you’re in a terrible mood, this amusing 101 dad jokes book will make you laugh out loud. It’s full of amusing jokes that are appropriate for any father, making it a terrific gag present or last-minute Christmas surprise. While some of the jokes are slightly offensive, they are kept family-friendly thanks to the iconic “dad voice” and timing that bring them to life.

This very embarrassing book of dad jokes is likely to keep even the most bored adolescent entertained, and it makes a wonderful gift for any expectant father or the king of dad jokes in your life! It has exactly the right amount of content to make you laugh and build memories.

What to Expect From “101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes

  • Contains 101 hilarious and groan-worthy dad jokes that will keep you chuckling.
  • It is appropriate for readers of all ages, making it a family-friendly novel that everyone can enjoy.
  • Slightly edgy yet tasteful, with a suggestion of the improper, but nothing openly vulgar, ensuring a balanced and interesting read.
  • Ideal charming gag gift for dads who enjoy cracking jokes and embracing their cheesy sense of humor.
  • Contains interesting illustrations that add additional depth of amusement to the gags.
  • This funny book’s appeal stems from how these exceptionally “bad” jokes turn great with the addition of “dad voice” and timing, resulting in wonderful moments between parents and children.

In “101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes,” you’ll find a captivating compilation of groan-worthy humor that transcends generations. With jokes for all ages, this really bad dad jokes book is the ideal gift for any father, and it is guaranteed to bring laughter and delight to family gatherings.

Enjoy the cheesy and adorable world of dad jokes, where even the most “terrible” jokes become sweet and memorable when said in that distinctive “dad voice.”

This book is a must-have addition to any collection, whether it’s a fantastic Father’s Day present, a pleasant surprise for a new dad, or simply a way to interact with your family via humor.

9. Dad Jokes: A Collection of Cringey Crack-Ups by Slade Wentworth (Author)

The Dadiest Dad Jokes Ever

Cringey Crack-Ups, one of the 9 best dad joke books

This big book is a hilarious collection of 400+ cheesy and cringe-worthy jokes that are sure to make you chuckle and roll your eyes. It’s the best resource for dads of all ages and stages, with everything from classic puns to witty one-liners and Q&As. Whether you want to annoy your family at home, amuse your coworkers at work, or spread joy over the world, these terrible good dad jokes are a certain hit! Make any dad’s day extra memorable by giving him the gift of laughter with this family-friendly treasure trove of funny.

This dad book of jokes contains:

  • Over 400 cringe-worthy and corny dad jokes
  • Brimming with jokes for hours of pleasure
  • Classic puns, one-liners, and Q&As are included.
  • Dads of all ages and stages are welcome.
  • Family-friendly humor for everyone to enjoy
  • The ideal gift for any Father’s Day compilation of funny crack-ups that will have everyone in stitches

This punny book edition is a treasury of delightful corny jokes that will have you and your loved ones giggling, grumbling, and connecting over the common joy of dad humor. Whether you’re a seasoned dad joker or just starting out, this assortment is sure to delight and entertain at any event.

This dad joke book is jam-packed with hilarious, eye-rolling, and belly-laugh-inducing humor that is sure to tickle the funny bone of everyone, unlike many other crap dad joke books. 

That concludes our list of the top dad joke books you should have in your collection.

All of these fantastic dad joke books are perfect for dads trying to increase their joke game or anyone looking for the perfect present for a father or son in their life. Prepare to share the laughter, spread the joy, and embrace the cringe with the best dad joke books on the market! These books, like a well-timed punchline, are guaranteed to make you laugh and smile.

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