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Linsy B. is a compassionate writer and advocate dedicated to raising awareness and promoting understanding of borderline personality disorder (BPD). With personal experience and deep empathy for individuals affected by BPD, Linsy’s mission is to provide valuable resources and support to those navigating the challenges of this complex condition.

Through her compelling books and insightful writings, Linsy offers a unique perspective on BPD, demystifying its complexities and shedding light on the emotional struggles faced by both individuals with BPD and their loved ones. Drawing from her own journey and the stories of others, Linsy’s works aim to foster compassion, inspire resilience, and encourage meaningful connections.

Book Collections

When Your Mom Has Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified
Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified: BPD with Coping Techniques
BPD Workplace Productivity 2.0
Lonely Road


“My spouse suffers from BPD, and this book was amazing to read after what could have been a breakup. After reading this book, my understanding of BPD has widened, and I have been able to grow more understanding and gentle. I used to hold resentment (without even realizing it) due to the anger and control, but now that I understand it fully, I want to help this girl get better so she won’t have this constant fear of abandonment. Stay strong, people, and don’t let it affect your mental health! ❤️” – Jane

“I recommend this book to anyone in the same position as me, feeling the push-me-pull-you emotions on a daily basis. The regular abandonment is totally upsetting. After reading this, I am going to seek counseling to improve her life and mine, as it’s all I can hope for. I refuse to run away completely.” – Ian

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