James Nino

Welcome to the world of mobile technology! James Nino is a technology enthusiast with a strong passion for fiddling with different devices. With extensive knowledge of mobile devices, apps, tools, trends, and resources, James is dedicated to helping others increase their productivity and maximize the use of their devices.

Book Collection

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Mastering Guide
  • A Beginner’s Guide to iPhone 14 Pro Max Mastering
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max User Guide for Seniors
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Mastering
  • Meistern der iPhone 11 Kamera
  • Beherrschung Der iPhone 11 Pro Und Pro Max Kamera
  • Mastering the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Camera
  • Mastering the iPhone 12 Pro Camera
  • Mastering iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera
  • Mastering the iPhone SE 2020
  • Mastering the iPhone 11 Camera
  • Mastering the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Camera for the Elderly


Read what others are saying about James Nino’s books:

Testimonial 1: “I loved this book. I needed an easy-to-understand but detailed explanation of the iPhone 11 camera. This book was delivered. Well-organized and easy to understand, the book covered the many features of the iPhone 11 camera. The illustrations were excellent. I’ve read it twice and I now have a much better understanding of the many features of this great camera.”

Testimonial 2: “This is where you go to get a handle on all that Apple has finally brought to their Pro level camera. With Apple’s ‘intuitive’ philosophy, you can probably stumble into all/most of the features. With this info, you will be ‘prepared’ to maximize the expression of your photos.”

Testimonial 3: “This is a great, quick guide to using your new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro. Having come from using an 8 Plus, there are enough differences in the settings to make this worth the time to read. It should save time and frustration.”

Start mastering your iPhone’s camera with James Nino’s expert guidance and take your photography to the next level.