How to Get Started with Teaching My Preschool Child To Write

Your child should start learning how to hold a crayon and a pencil as they get older, as well as how to recognize letters, numbers, and shapes. They should also start learning how to write on paper as they get older. Many children find it challenging to learn how to hold their pencils at that age and to begin forming letters, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

So, if you are searching for creative ways to engage your child so that they are able to color their workbook, write numbers, and trace alphabets, you should read to the end to get ideas on resources that may be able to help.

Many children find learning to be simple when it is done in a loving and enjoyable manner. Many parents wish they had access to some of the top homeschooling books for 3-year-olds, with tons of digital and hardcopy books for teaching your children at home, it can be hard to know where to start.

Well, if you’re looking for some of the best homeschool books for 3-year-olds to even 5 years old, then you will have to pay attention to the following titles. Your children will learn more by participating in activities that include writing books, drawing, and even creating comics, which will keep them from getting bored by concentrating on just one subject at a time.

Letter Tracing Workbook: For Homeschooling Kids in Preschool and Kindergarten

Letter Tracing Workbook for Homeschooling Kids in Preschool and Kindergarten is more than just an ABC workbook. It is a complete preschool workbook for first-time writers to learn to write ABC.

It is a book that makes it easy to learn to write the alphabet in an easy, fun, and straightforward way for your little one with this robust bundle of preschool workbooks that help kids practice alphabet tracing. This book is packed with alphabet worksheets to introduce your new writer to shapes and letters to help the child gain fine motor control as well as teaching pen control before graduating to the letters of the alphabet.

You no longer have to waste time searching for age-appropriate activities. Now, with this easy-to-follow and flexible guide to help your child learn their ABCs, you can now enjoy the ultimate collection of dot activity books for homeschooling your toddlers.


This is a great Homeschooling book for your 3-year-old kids because it can give your child the head start, they need with all the activities inside it. That means you get to save a lot of time you would have spent on search engines looking for the best homeschooling nooks for 3-year-olds. The book helps your kids or grandchild to learn by playing with the various shapes that are available to be colored. This book is all about having fun with short educational activities.  A lot of busy moms tend to like this book since it helps to keep the kids engaged while they are working at their desks or around the house.

  • Page Size: 8.” x 10″
  • Page Count: 213
  • Single Side Printing:  Only printed on 1 side to avoid bleeding

Kids Tracing Books Ages 3-5: Letter Tracing Practice Workbook for Kids & Toddlers in Preschool and Kindergarten

This Alphabets Tracing book will do a great job of helping your kid learn how to trace letters and color images. It is a valuable addition to add to your kid’s preschool workbook collection, which makes it very useful for self-tutoring and homeschooling.

Unlike many other books out there, this book is created to keep your child focused on the task at hand. The images for each alphabet are also available to be colored to add to the fun. Your kids can’t wait to get their hands on this tracing book.

This alphabet tracing book for preschoolers has the following features:  

  • One alphabet at a time on its page to introduce your kid to the shapes of each letter in detail. 
  • Easy guidelines and directional arrows to assist your toddler 
  • Perfectly sized at 8″ x 10″ for kids who are learning to write for the first time.
  • More than 100 Pages.
  • Cute Cover Design

A special bonus at the end of the book to download funny faces to continue the fun

This book is a perfect gift for a grandchild.

Parents, teachers, or caregivers can guide to help the child to practice the tracings in this book especially when they are just starting.

Flowers Coloring Book for Toddlers: Coloring Book with Realistic Flowers, Bouquet, Floral Designs, Mandalas, and Patterns for Stress Relief and Relaxation for Kids

This is a beautiful coloring book containing different combinations of flowers making it suitable for someone who wants to escape the stress of daily life and enjoys using coloring patterns as a form of relaxation. If stress relief is topmost in your mind, then you should not hesitate in ordering this flower coloring book.

This book is a great way to help your toddler learn to appreciate flowers. Your kids now have a chance to create something special for themselves.

This coloring book contains custom designs featuring floral arrangements, bouquets, wreaths, patterns, and garden themes all designed to help your child unleash their creativity and help them to relax their minds by relieving their stress through the very simple act of art of coloring.

No other book does it better than this book.

This flower coloring book contains at least 50 pages of images printed on separate pages to avoid bleed-through, which means even those who want to use markers to color can also conveniently do so without fear.

Book Details
  • 50 single-sided designs
  • Different patterns and intricacy levels of color difficulties
  • Large size 8″ x 10″
  • Gift-quality design (but you’ll want to keep it for yourself!)
  • Many hours of coloring relaxation and enjoyment!
  • Coloring pages designed with stress relief in mind
  • Suitable for crayons, pencils, and many other coloring pens or markers
  • A few pages of a color palette at the back to try out and test out your colors before the actual coloring

It also makes for a great GIFT to give a toddler for any of the following occasions:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Preschooler Gift
  • Teacher’s Gift
  • Easter
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Gift exchanges

Happy Halloween Coloring Book: Kids Fun and Spooky Coloring Book Collection of Scary, Cute Designs of Hunted Homes, Monsters, Zombies, Mammies, Witches, Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Lot More

Want a Halloween Coloring Book to Aid in Your Relaxation? Ever Wondered what Kind of Halloween Coloring Book to get for that amazing kid?

Happy Halloween Coloring Book is a great book for kids. It is designed to help boys and girls celebrate Halloween with great images that they can color. It is a great book to help those little hands improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination in a fun-filled way.

It is a great gift for a loved one during this period of Halloween.

Book Details

✓ Printed on one side of the paper

✓ Amazing Fun-Filled and Relaxing

✓ Large 8.5 x 8.5-inch Print Size

✓ 100 Pages

✓ Glossy Cover Page

Anime Sketchbook for Drawing for Kids: 120 Pages Practice Drawing book for sketching, doodling, or drawing Anime Characters

This Sketchbook is intended to be used for sketching, doodling, and drawing of your anime personas, for personal, school, class, and home use.

Great quality paper and suitable for crayons, colored pencils, watercolor paints, and markers with light fine tips.

With 120 pages of large size, of 6” x 9” size print.

Origami Book for Kids: 120 Logbook with Blank Sheets and Pages for Recording Learning Points

With this origami book, you can keep a record of your learning from your origami classes, training, or tutorials when you create those original animals, birds, and followers… that are as fascinating as the treasures inside them!

Origami is famous for being beneficial in many areas of life, including math, arts, science, and other subjects. It also scores high in the area of logical thinking, analytics, and creativity. This blank sheet allows you record your:
* What You know
* What You Want To know
* What You Learned

So, when next you learn or experience new wizardry, you can document what the effects of the easy-to-follow instructions have been for you in the creation of various objects, characters, and creatures.
Don’t miss this record sheet to paper folding–the perfect gift for every young lover of Origami

Blank Comic Book for Kids

Create new worlds and tell amazing stories with Your Comic Book Today!
Drawing Book & Sketchbook for Kids Ages 6-8, 9-12
  • We know Kids are creative and love creating their cartoons and comics, this inherent act of creativity can be encouraged to grow with this Blank Comic Book Notebook for Kids.
  • It is designed to allow them to tell their own amazing stories built in their heads.
  • Using this unique comic paper, your wards can create all the superheroes, fantasy, sci-fi, and whatever imagery catches their fancy!
  • Filled with various styles of comic book panels, this book can ensure budding artists are kept busy for long creative hours.
  • Book Details
  • Size 6″ x 9″ SOFTCOVER Bound Notebook
  • 120 PAGES of -6-panel action layout templates
  • UNIQUE panel grid layouts scattered throughout
  • Premium MATTE finish cover
  • Great gift for your wards to pen their epic space adventure with aliens and spaceships and bring their sweeping fantasy featuring dragons and knights to live.

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